Approximate Age:
15 years, 5 months


Hi… my name is Archie.

Adopted May 14, 2015

Won’t someone please, PLEASE take me home? I’ve been at TALGV since February 2008 — not a record I’m proud of! I’m a real “cat person’s” cat – I LOVE affection when I want it, and then sometimes I want to be on my own for a while – but I still like to staying close to you. I’m an extroverted (except with other cats!), orange tabby and white boy with no tail,  and am ready to share a life with you that is filled with furry orange love, lap sitting (when the mood strikes), and many hours of feline-type entertainment. If you spend some time getting to know me, maybe you’ll find that we have a special connection – and that just might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Arrived: 2/11/2008