Approximate Age:
9 years, 9 months
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Hi… my name is Ash,

Adopted October 19, 2016

Oh me, oh my. I don’t know what happened in my life, but all of a sudden my mom’s gone and I’m in this new place where there are so many other cats and don’t know any of them! I’ve heard people say how nice it is here, but when you’re used to a quiet, one-person home, the change is an awfully big shock. My senior mom had to go to a nursing home, so now I’m at sixes and sevens trying to get my bearings. At 4 years old, I’ve got lots more living to do and more strolls to take (and bell toys to play with once I’m comfortable!), so won’t you help me over this current hurdle so I can get on with doing just that?

Arrived August 19, 2016