Approximate Age:
12 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Montgomery (aka Monty),

Adopted September 13, 2016

“Mister Personality,” that’s what my mom always called me! “Lively” and “communicative” went along with that too, so you know I’m not going to be the shrinking violet type! Sadly, after mom died, her daughter was unable to take my housemates, Marcella, Casper, and me to live with her, so having come from TALGV originally, we’re back to say “howdy” to everyone and start looking for new people to charm. My life was a quiet but happy one (we all slept with mom to keep her from getting lonely), and I really enjoyed playing with toys and my friends, so a home with another feline would probably be fine (or you could always take us together ­– that way you’d know there’d be instant “peace in the valley”!).

Arrived August 13, 2016