Approximate Age:
7 years, 8 months
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Hi… my name is Bellhop,

Here are just a few of the great things my mom’s daughter said about me: “He stayed by my mom’s side all through her cancer treatment and was very social, gentle, and loving with her. He slept by her every night and followed her everywhere. He’s a very good eater – not at all picky – and will play fetch with his toys. He gets along great with kids and elderly people and is the perfect companion.” So I guess you can gather that I’m a pretty special fellow! I’m an 8½-year-old Snowshoe Siamese mix and although I’m really sad to have lost my mom, I know that you and I can form a bond just as strong as we had. You’ll never know unless you take me home, so get a move on!

Arrived 6-10-17; Adopted 7-3-17; Arrived 2-7-18