Approximate Age:
13 years, 6 months
9 pounds


Hi… my name is Jackson,

Adopted 5-29-20

Comes with Vet Care Support for Life

The saying, “Cats are like potato chips…you can’t have just one” isn’t always true – at least as far as cats are concerned! I lived with 13 other felines, and after a while there were just too many territorial issues (especially with the guys), and I asserted my authority in rather aggressive ways, which, sad to say, rather upset the applecart (and my owners!). So, here I am, a handsome, 13-year-old lynx point Siamese gentleman with vet care support for life, and ripe for new adventures in a new cat-free home (or at least one sans males!). Life’s too short to spend it without at least ONE cat, so come make me yours ­– ­the clock’s ticking!

Arrived 2-27-20