Approximate Age:
7 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Brittany,

Adopted 4-15-18

After my dad died, his former wife very kindly took me in, but her cat and I just never hit it off, so now I’m a 3½-year-old dilute calico lady in search of chin scratches, the occasional belly rub, a comfy lap, and maybe a big window or two that I can check the world out from. Having lived a quiet life with just my dad, it may take me a while to settle into a new home, but I promise that once I’m in a place where I can relax and learn trust again, I’ll be the loving companion I’ve always been. Why not make your home the next frontier I’m destined to explore? Life’s full of wonderful surprises if you just let them happen!

Arrived 1-11-18