Approximate Age:
12 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Jacob,

Adopted February 14, 2016

Keeping a low profile isn’t something I necessarily want to do it’s just that with so many other tabbies here I tend to get lost in the shuffle. And that’s really a shame, because I’m a wonderfully sweet, gentle, laid back guy who would positively shine in my very own home. I’ve been at TALGV since June 2012, and even though I sometimes get discouraged, my heart still believes there is a special person out there just for me. I get along well with all my roommates here and have lived with another cat and kids in the past, so I think I’m pretty well designed for just about anyone. The grapevine has it that there are lots of homes out there needing feline friendship, so let me fill that need in just one!

Arrived June 5, 2012