Approximate Age:
16 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Kasey.

Adopted May 5, 2015

My best friend and soul mate, KoKoa, and I have to find a new home because our family outgrew theirs and had to move to a rental that didn’t allow cats. My mom said that I’m her quiet kitty who likes to lie around and be mostly independent, but often will snuggle right beside you sending telepathic messages that I really want to be petted! At the moment I’ve got a “lion cut” because my people didn’t have time to brush my luxurious coat, but when it grows out, I’ll be the handsome fluff ball I’m meant to be. I’m a declawed Ragdoll Siamese gentleman, who’s hoping to stay with KoKoa in my next home, so with the offer the “strong, silent” type of love, how can you go wrong?

April 21, 2015