Approximate Age:
14 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is KoKoa.

Adopted May 5, 2015

My best friend and soul mate, Kasey, and I have to find a new home because our family outgrew theirs and had to move to a rental that didn’t allow cats. My mom said that I was her talkative kitty who will let you know when I need something (like food or attention!) and don’t usually give up until I get it! She also said that in return (I’m not an “all one way” guy!), I love to give massages in “random places,” but mostly if we’re on the couch, I give great neck rubs! I’m a declawed seal point Siamese gentleman, who’s hoping to stay with Kasey in my next home, so with the offer of love and massages, how can you go wrong?


April 20, 2015