Approximate Age:
11 years, 6 months
24 pounds


Hi… my name is Jade.

Adopted August 6, 2015.

If there ever were a guy who wanted to be your one and only, it’s me! I lived with four other cats, but I never quite got into the group thing (well, they were pretty dominant, and I’m your quintessential laid back “just-want-to-be-with-you-in-your-lap” type). Okay, at 24 pounds, I’ve got to admit that I’m a smidge heavy for laps, but that’s easily remedied with weight management food and fewer snacks (you know how it is — it’s a human thing, too!). And cuddling? Well, we can do that next to each other on the sofa! I’m a dashing, handsome Maine Coon gentleman (and you know how sweet we are!), who, to steal from Clint Eastwood, will “make your day”! C’mon, let me. You know you want to!

Arrived April 24, 2015