Approximate Age:
8 years, 6 months

Rosie Posie

Hi… my name is Rosie Posie.

Adopted June 30, 2015

After I was discovered under a rosebush with five newborn kittens, the homeowner was nice enough to let me stay there until we were old enough to go to a TALGV foster home. Even though I’ve been a really good mama in raising my kids, I’m still glad that I’ve made my last contribution to the kitten world and can now find a place of my own! I’m a youngster myself at only 18 months or so, so I’ll undoubtedly spend lots of time exploring, playing, and doing my best to entertain you. I know that many cats think the world out there holds a lot of charm (the old “grass is greener” syndrome), but I know better — and will be happy to say farewell to “freedom” in a new home with you!

Arrived April 19, 2015