Approximate Age:
4 years, 11 months

Luna May

Hi… my name is Luna May,

Adopted 11-7-21

“She LOVES being brushed, sitting on your lap to be petted, and is very gentle and tolerant with little kids.” (Mom didn’t mention that I’m a real looker too, but you’ll find that out when you meet me!). I was happy as the proverbial clam living with my “boyfriend,” Shamu, and family, but unfortunately, they were moving and couldn’t take us along too, so finding another home where I can be a big part of the action would positively make my year! And it would be even better if Shamu and I could stay together as we’ve been with each other all our lives. So c’mon, be an angel and make that happen!

Arrived 8-26-20, Adopted 9-12-20, Arrived 10-27-21