Approximate Age:
10 years, 3 months
9 1/2 pounds
Special Needs:
Available for adoption with Gravy


Hi… my name is Pepper,

Adopted with Gravy 11-13-21

Although some people say that Torties and Torbies often have “cattitude,” I’m a Torbie and I sure don’t have one! I’m a loving, friendly lady whose joy is being petted and loved on. I’m described as an independent, playful kitten-like feline. I vie for the volunteer’s attention when they’re petting my pal Gravy (who I came in and need to be adopted with) after our mom died. We also lived with a 95-pound Labrador, so I’m dog and cat friendly. I’m a well-rounded sweetheart who yearns for a new home with you and Gravy. Please come and meet us, ‘cause I just know we can all make a grand life together!

Arrived 9-27-21