Approximate Age:
14 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Dudley (aka Rusty),

Adopted 5-27-17

There oughta be a law: whenever someone has to go into assisted living, they must bring their best friend with them! I’m going to be lobbying for that, but unfortunately even if passed, it’ll be too late for me! Mom loved me for three of my nine years, and said I was easygoing, affectionate, in good health, and loved to keep her warm at night. I’m sometimes shy with strangers (but you’d never know it by my behavior here!), and sometimes a “picky eater” (yes, lots of cats are picky eaters!), but I was wonderful company for her. It would make her so happy to know that I’d found a new loving home, so why not make her (and my!) dreams come true!

Arrived 9-2-13; Adopted 3-14-14; Arrived 5-8-17