Approximate Age:
15 years, 10 months

Shadow Too

Hi… my name is Shadow Too.

Adopted October 18, 2014.

You know how sometimes dogs are very possessive of their owners? Well, cats are usually pretty blasé in that area, but I’m a guy that really wants my person’s attention and will let you know in no uncertain terms. Although I used to get canned food only as a special treat, it’s evolved into a daily favorite and I’m pretty adamant about getting it! (Actually, canned food is good for us as it helps keep the kidneys functioning well, so it’s not like it’s BAD for me!)  I’m a chipper, lap-sitting and affectionate declawed buff tabby gentleman with a white chin, and I’d really love to meet a “cat savvy” person who knows how we “demanding of attention” felines can be, because I’m sure we can make beautiful music together for many years to come.

Arrived July 7, 2014