Approximate Age:
12 years, 11 months
Special Needs:
Needs to be ONLY cat

Mr. Pibb

Hi… my name is Mr. Pibb.

Adopted December 16, 2014.

Exuberant, outgoing, and playful! That’s me! The nice folks who found me said, “he’s very friendly with people and dogs, and when he starts purring, he head butts. He loves to play and cuddle and is a talker when he’s loving you. He likes to sleep in bed and you’ll usually wake up to purring. He’ll make a wonderful companion and pet.” So there! The only reason they didn’t keep me was that I MUST be an only cat (I loved their dogs), so since I was last feline in, I was first out. I guess that’s only fair! I’m a handsome, orange and white tabby who will add so much pizzazz to your life you’ll wonder how you ever managed without me! Oh, and I also love watching TV!