Approximate Age:
8 years, 2 months


Hi… my name is Vail.

Adopted 10-20-14

The layoffs at the Sierrita mine have affected more than people -– we pets have our future in jeopardy too – just like what happened a few years ago with the economic downturn. My little family was caught up in that situation, so finances being tight, felt they couldn’t afford three pets any longer. Since I was not overly fond (that’s being generous!) of their other cat and dog, they figured I’d be way happier in a quiet home where I could be queen bee. I’m a fairly independent gal, but maybe that’s because I had so much competition in my home, so I’m guessing if it’s just you and me and my beloved cat tree, my personality may even outshine my beauty! Won’t you give me a chance to prove that?

Arrived 7-3-14;