Approximate Age:
13 years, 0 months
13 pounds


Hi… my name is Slinky,

Adopted with Mutley 8-19-17

When my dad moved, it would’ve been nice if he’d chosen a place where I could go, too, but that didn’t happen, so I’m back at my alma mater with toes, paws, and whiskers crossed hoping someone will see what a gem is hidden behind this quiet façade. I lived with a Sheltie most of my life and we got along splendidly, so a cat-savvy dog might be okay for me again (although it wouldn’t be world’s end if I were your “one and only”!). I’m a quintessential brown tabby gentleman who loves you to sit next to me while I eat (I won’t ask you to do that forever, but it helps my current shyness!), and I’m sure with patience and love, the “real me” will be the feline of your dreams!

Arrived March 27, 2015