Approximate Age:
12 years, 7 months
Special Needs:
FIV Positive - companion cats should have same condition


Hi… my name is Jacks.

Adopted May 3, 2015

Oh, the life I’ve led! Five and a half years isn’t that old, but I sure crammed a lot of misery into it before I arrived here! I belonged to a woman who yelled and kicked at me if I did the least thing that upset her, and when she moved away, she threw me outside to fend for myself. In addition to that, I suffered from entropian (a painful condition that causes eyelashes to grow inward and rub the eye), so you can imagine what a time of it I had trying to get by! Happily, some wonderful people rescued me, ensured that I had surgery to correct my eyes, and now I’m oh-so-ready to find a quiet loving home where I can finally relax and be the enormously grateful Siamese prince I’m meant to be!

Arrived March 30, 2015