Approximate Age:
6 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Tiki,

Adopted with Victory 12-27-17

I have so many reasons to say YAAY! First, my kittens and I survived a house fire (but sadly we lost our home). Second, TALGV managed to find space for us and it’s really nice here (not home, but nice!). And third, my kitten-bearing days are over! I was a darn good mom, but I’ve done more than enough in that department for a lifetime! My people said that I’m a “very caring girl” who’s great with kids (a big NO to dogs though!), and am a real attention seeker who loves belly rubs, chin scratches, chasing laser lights, climbing on everything, and following you around until I get the requisite attention! I’m only 1½ years old, so basically a delightful kitten who just wants to be yours!

Arrived 8-18-17