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Hi… my name is General.

Adopted May 2, 2015

When my family adopted me a puppy they thought they were getting a “Labradoodle” that would be a medium-sized guy when grown. Well, one look at me, and you can tell that my real heritage is Irish wolfhound — and although I’m not that big, I turned out to be “more dog” than they could handle. I also had a rather rough start in life, as I had ringworm and was isolated from people, so didn’t get the kind of attention I needed in my formative months. But, boy, do I crave it now! I loved playing with the kids but was a little too rambunctious for them, so I hope I can find a place with a really active family that will help me make up for lost time in the “best friend” department!

Arrived April 22, 2015

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