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Adopted September 12, 2016

GURGI is a smart, quiet, and social 8-pound 9-year-old male Schnoodle who was found in rescuer’s yard about 5 months ago. Fosters are unable to keep him much longer so he needs a new home now. He is housebroken and asks to go out; he is obedience trained – knows sit and no and is working on stay. He is leash trained and enjoys walks; he is okay with cats; other dogs and kids are unknown. He loves to sleep at rescuer’s feet and likes follow her constantly. He has been neutered courtesy of TALGV and is up to date with his shots. Gurgi rarely barks, except to announce a stranger. He is friendly and especially enjoys attention. He does not particularly like to be picked up and is recommended as companion in a senior household. It is amazing but true that he has only one eye but he is so used to it that you tend to forget about it. There is no adoption fee.

If you will welcome Gurgi into a loving home as part of your family, please call Shawnna between 8 AM and 8 PM at 520-954-5390.

August 25, 2016

Note: Photos were provided by owner.

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