Approximate Age:
1 years, 7 months
, ,
58 pounds

Big Red

Hi… my name is Big Red,

I used to live in a yard with other dogs, but once out, I didn’t want to go back in. Instead, I came here, where I’ve been cautious around strangers (everyone at first). I wish I could tell you more about my history, but the best part of now is being able to start new. I’m having fun with things called toys, I love the wading pool in my run, and I’m living with a great dog buddy. Plus, I’m making people friends! Oh, I’m still shy, but I’m discovering how to enjoy the company of gentle, friendly people. They tell me I’m handsome—a 1-year-old, 58 pound male, with a beautiful red coat and soulful eyes—and I’m beginning to believe my future will be happy and fun, especially if it’s with you!

Arrived 3-3-17