Approximate Age:
11 years, 5 months
52 pounds


Hi… my name is Bruce.

Adopted 6-16-17

Although I may not be a purebred Border collie (something else good is “going on” in there!), I have many traits of that breed (smart as a whip, energetic, and loving) and I need a “job” to do to keep my mind (and body) occupied! My people adopted me two years ago when I was just six weeks old, and they thought they’d have lots of time for my education, but with four kids ranging in age from 13 years down to 10 months, I sort of got short shrift on that score. But I’m ever so willing to learn, and I’m hoping for an ACTIVE family who has had experience with guys like me who can channel my energies into the good kind of behavior. I’m perfectly housebroken, and mom says that I’m a sweet dog who is tremendously lovable, so I know with just a few months of focused attention and training I’ll be perfect!

Arrived March 7, 2014; Adopted November 2, 2015; Arrived March 28, 2016