Approximate Age:
3 years, 3 months
32 pounds


Hi… my name is Lacey,

Adopted 7-8-17

Before coming here, I was fed by a stranger. Even then, I kept my distance, but needed the nourishment because my 6 puppies were depending on me. That kind man found homes for my babies, but worried about me because he was leaving for many months. Who would feed me? How would I stay safe? TALGV was the answer. Food, security, comfort—such a comfy bed!—and patient people are here for me. They let me take my time getting used to a leash and going for walks; I found it easy to grow accustomed to their gentle affection. In my own way, I thank them, and they seem to know what I dream about most: A home of my own, where love and happiness abide, and wonderful people let me love them forever.

Arrived 4-13-17