Approximate Age:
6 years, 3 months
34 pounds


Hi… my name is Lucy,

Adopted by The Humane Society 11-25-18

We could say my story started the day I was rescued from the road—running alone, without a safe place to go. My finder said I was friendly and loved her dogs on the one day we spent together. Here, I was shy and trembling at first, but liked the people right away; they stroked my soft coat, told me I’m an adorable dog who someone will love real soon. I was too thin back then (now up to 34 pounds), and not a picky eater—daily meals are a great habit! I’ve learned a couple of commands—sit, come—and because I truly want to be a people-pleaser, I’ll learn more. One thing I know already: I want to go to that place where love lives, and I think that’s home with you.

Arrived 11-7-18