Approximate Age:
5 years, 8 months
41 pounds


Hi… my name is Midnight,

Adopted 10-14-18

As an 8-month-old Lab female myself, I suggest that a day in every pup’s life should include three things: Love, fun, and learning. (Also the essentials, of course, of food, water, shelter, and, as any pup will tell you, toys and playtime.) For me, love comes naturally. Asked to describe me, my friends usually start with the word “loving.” As for learning, I’ve been taught commands like sit, stay, shake, and more. I’m still training on inside versus outside, but with help, I’m learning that, too. And as for fun, I’ve gotten along with large and small dogs, thoroughly enjoy being active, and get a kick out of squeaky toys. But most of all, I need that happy place called home, where we give and get love every day. Could it be with you?

Arrived 7-7-18