Approximate Age:
1 years, 5 months
38 pounds

Paul Anka

Hi… my name is Paul Aka,

Adopted 6-2-22

Consider all the things associated with the number “7”: days     in a week, wonders of the ancient world, continents, etc. My name is Miriam, and as a proud young mother let me introduce you to PAUL, one of my “litter of seven.” He’s a handsome blond Terrier mix boy, born in December just before Christmas. He and his siblings were staying with me in a loving foster home, preparing for life once they leave the litter, and move into their own forever homes. Now the time has arrived and I must bid him farewell. Take care of Paul and above all…LOVE HIM!  (Feb. 2022)

PS My baby photos are at the end of the gallery.

Arrived 2-7-22, Adopted 2-20-22, Arrived  5-16-22