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Hi… my name is Ocean,

Adopted 1-24-22

Mexican beach towns usually engender only happy thoughts, but for me, it was a struggle for survival. How happy I was when a wonderful woman rescued me and took me to her vet. He said that I was malnourished and that my injured back leg had healed. Somehow, I landed in the caring confines of TALGV where it was discovered I was pregnant. A kind foster took me in and helped me raise my kittens (which have all been adopted). My foster said I did NOT like dogs but got along with other cats, did zoomies and occasional love bites. I have lots of love to share! Please come meet me. I’m waiting for YOU!

FOUND – Arrived 7-21-21

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Hi… my name is Kalahari,

Adopted 7-16-18

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 5-25-18

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Hi… my name is Coco,

Adopted 2-4-18

Thanks for looking at my pictures. My biography is under construction. Please stop back again to read about me or… even better… stop in at TALGV to meet me soon. Kennels are open 10-2 every day.

Arrived 1-15-18

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Hi… my name is Jezzy,

Adopted with Molly 12-28-16

How come people aren’t allergic to dogs as often as cats? My best friend in the whole world, Molly, and I lived with two dogs and young kids, but recently learned that the reason one of them was having such trouble breathing, was us! Our family was so sad to have to relinquish us, but we understand why, and we’re hopeful we can find a new home where we can share our love (preferably together!). Dad said I was super friendly, cuddly with people, tolerant with all the kids and even the dogs. When asked if I had any “problem behavior,” he said, “None – she’s awesome!” Given my history, I’m ready made for an active home (and so is Molly!), so why not make that one yours?

Arrived September 23, 2016

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Hi… my name is Maude,

Adopted 1-1-17

Maude comes with Free Vet Care for Life.

When I first came to TALGV back in 2005, they called me “Too Precious,” but my adoptive dad renamed me Maude. My first family included three young children and a dog and I got along well with all of them. In my second home it was just me and my dad, so you could say that I am a pretty adaptable girl. One of my claims to fame used to be that I loved to play fetch — if you threw objects like play mice and bottle caps, I would bring them back to you. I can be a bit reserved with people at first, but come out of my shell in no time. There is no getting around it –I’m a fun, smart, and easy to get along with, and I would fit into almost any loving home! Please let it be yours!  (bio needs update)

Adopted April 30, 2014; Arrived September 16, 2016

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Hi… my name is Tara.

Adopted November 10, 2014.

Arrived November 5, 2014.

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Adopted May 29, 2015

POLO is a beautiful young tortoiseshell kitty. She is sweet and soft, social and energetic. She is current on shots and is spayed.There is no adoption fee for this beautiful kitty. Polo is offered free to a good home

Please call Julia between 8 AM and 8 PM at 520-398-2329.

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Hi… my name is Abby,

Adopted 10-13-17

My mom fell in love the day she met me here and we shared a joyous life until she moved to assisted living. Now everyone says that I’m sweetness itself, but sort of like “the little girl with the little curl” — when I want love, I nudge and rub until I get it, but when I’ve had my fill, I’ll let you know that too! I’m a gorgeous, longhaired torti girl, who’s sometimes chatty, and sometimes laid back, but almost always like to sit in your lap or just be near you. I get my exercise playing with feather toys and laser lights, but do have a tendency to overeat, so a Weight Watchers regimen might do me good for a while! Won’t you be the one to make this time around a charm for me?

Arrived May 20, 2013; Adopted May 31, 2015; Arrived September 10, 2015


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Often we torties look like we’re scowling, when that’s not true at all – it’s just the contrast in our markings that makes us look that way! In my case, it may be that I’m a little shy at the moment because I’ve been living outdoors for a while and have had to guard against marauding desert dwellers. My rescuer fed me for a few weeks (she couldn’t take me in because she already had quite a few cats), so when it was apparent that no one was searching for me, she arranged for me to come to TALGV where I’d be safe and have a good chance of finding a new (indoor!) home. Despite my experience “out there,” I’m a sweet (thus “Dulce”!) young lady who is friendly and loves being petted. If you have a screened porch or nice big window, I know I’d be happy with that for years to come!


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Hi… my name is Spitfire,

Adopted 6-10-18

I was named Spitfire when I arrived as a kitten way back in 2012 because I was really feisty and swatted at humans—a lot! That’s because I lived in a feral cat colony before one of the employees rescued me. But during my five years here, the kind volunteers have been patient with me and I’ve become a new cat. I LOVE to be petted, even asking for it with a beseeching meow (I’m a real talker!), and then I’ll purr like crazy once you get the message! I’m still anxious around new people and will sometimes run from them, but I know that a loving home with patient companions will help me learn to trust and, who knows, I might even become a lap cat! Won’t you PLEASE give me a chance?

Arrived October 19, 2012

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Hi… my name is Sheena,

Adopted 11-23-16

I may take the prize (such as it is!) for being the longest feline resident of TALGV! Sadly, I’ve always been on the shy side, so not many people have ever taken the time to get to know me because there have been so many other, more extraverted felines in residence. I know, though, that when I meet the person of my dreams (someone who has had experience with shy gals like me and the patience to allow me to become the loving lady I know can be), we’ll be together forever. You “cat people” out there know who you are, and I’m hoping there is one of you who is willing to take a chance on me. After it’s been just the two of us for a while, I know that we’ll be inseparable companions.

Arrived 6-24-06

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