Approximate Age:
12 years, 6 months


Often we torties look like we’re scowling, when that’s not true at all – it’s just the contrast in our markings that makes us look that way! In my case, it may be that I’m a little shy at the moment because I’ve been living outdoors for a while and have had to guard against marauding desert dwellers. My rescuer fed me for a few weeks (she couldn’t take me in because she already had quite a few cats), so when it was apparent that no one was searching for me, she arranged for me to come to TALGV where I’d be safe and have a good chance of finding a new (indoor!) home. Despite my experience “out there,” I’m a sweet (thus “Dulce”!) young lady who is friendly and loves being petted. If you have a screened porch or nice big window, I know I’d be happy with that for years to come!