Approximate Age:
14 years, 11 months


Hi… my name is Velma.

Adopted April 8, 2014.

Don’t you HATE allergies? You hate them if you have them and you hate them when you’re the cause of them — and that’s my story. I lived with my family until their youngest son developed a sensitivity to me, so that’s why I’m now looking for a new home. Sadly, I really loved playing with the kids, so being so close to them probably exacerbated the problem. I also shared the house with a dog, and I’ll tell you up front that I’d REALLY rather not have to live with another one of those critters — they are just too “nosy” if you know what I mean! I’m a quiet and laid back ebony lady whose favorite things are “playing with toys and sleeping,” so I’ll either be entertaining you or be snuggled up next to you, take your pick! Just think what a great match we’d be!