Approximate Age:
8 years, 5 months
9 1/2 pounds
Special Needs:
Abbie has only one eye


Hi… my name is Abbie,

Adopted 1-1-18

Wow – there sure are an awful lot of “sweethearts” in this place, so I guess I’m going to have be something extra special to get your attention! How about being loving, gentle, one-eyed (rather dashing I think!), and having a “Rolls Royce” of a purr? Oh, and my rescuers said I love meat (and meow soon as I smell it) and eat tortillas (but not bread) through the bag, so you better keep them hidden away! They found me a few months ago and really wanted to keep me, but one of the resident cats beat me up something fierce, so I’m actually happy to be looking for new digs. I’m a beautiful 4-year-old longhaired calico who’d be just perfect for you!

Arrived 12-20-17