Approximate Age:
5 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Abigail,

Adopted 5-2-17

You know how most cats hate water don’t you? Well, the volunteers said that when they gave me a much-needed bath and brushing out, I purred the whole time! Maybe it’s just that I wanted attention so badly that I was grateful for anything! My young mom brought me and my real mom and her new kittens into TALGV to save us because her landlord was threatening to abandon us in the desert (he was definitely not a cat person!), so we’re all mighty thankful for that! I’ve had a bit of a rough time in my short life, but I’m hopeful I can now get on with the business of just being the playful companion I’m meant to be. Won’t you give me a chance to do just that?

Arrived 4-11-17