Approximate Age:
6 years, 3 months
7 pounds


Hi… my name is Asdis,

Adopted 2-24-17

Yeah, well, it is a strange name, but when you learn that it’s Icelandic for “goddess,” then you’ll agree it’s pretty appropriate! And it’s pronounced just like it looks, unless you’re British, and then you’d call me “Ahz-deece”! And now you probably know more than you want to about my name, so on to the more important issue of me! I’m a totally delightful longhaired tabby (some say I look like a small Norwegian Forest Cat, so maybe more on the “Nordic” theme!), who’s a typical sweet, curious, active, love-everyone girl. My mom discovered she was allergic to me shortly after she became pregnant, so although my 10 months with her (and her dogs) were great, now I’d like to spread the joy. How about with you?

Arrived 12-26-16