Approximate Age:
15 years, 0 months
12 pounds

Baby Jane

Hi… my name is Baby Jane.

Adopted by TALGV volunteers November 23, 2015

You have to wonder about people! I lived with my family all my life, but when they decided to go away for the summer, I was unceremoniously dropped off at TALGV pretty much on their way out the door! Not a thought to finding a “summer sitter” — nope — just an inconsiderate “we’ve-got-our-lives-to-live-and-forget-the-cat” attitude! Okay, they did say I was a “good cat” — but I’m ever so much more than that! I’m a lovely 8-year-old calico/tabby mix lady who, although shy at times, is gentle and loving at heart and would love to spend the rest of my live proving that to you. If you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t think of “moving on” without taking your companion along, then I think we should meet!

Arrived May 12, 2015