Approximate Age:
5 years, 10 months
9 1/2 pounds


Hi… my name is Bonnie,

Adopted 8-31-18

Well, phooey! I sure wish my family had found a place that allowed cats when they decided to move! You’re bopping along happily in life, and then wham, where’d everybody go? Well, they did say that I was bold and outgoing and a “good, playful cat” for what that’s worth. I loved playing with cat toys, so even though I’m still sort of laid back ‘cause of my life upheaval now, the old get up and go is still hiding inside waiting for a comeback! I’m a 2-year-old longhaired lady with awesome golden eyes, and if you’ll give me a chance, I’ll bet you’ll find that your new best friend is right around the corner!

every day.

Arrived 7-3-18