Approximate Age:
17 years, 1 months
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Hi… my name is Bridget.

Adopted September 24, 2015

Bridget comes with Free Vet Care for Life.

My mom was a long-time volunteer at TALGV and was “into” calicos as she had five of us (all adoptees of course!), so it was comforting for her when she went assisted living to know there would be no better place to care for us. Although I’m not a “true” calico, I’m an unusual Torbie (that’s a mix of calico and tabby), so I’m special in my very own way! I was always the shyest of my family group, but I’m pretty sure that when I don’t have so many felines vying for attention, I’ll be the sweet “people person” I’m meant to be, so won’t you please give me a second chance? Oh, and by the way, since I’ve just “celebrated” my 10-year birthday, I now come with Free Vet Care for Life!

Arrived October 17, 2014.