Approximate Age:
7 years, 0 months
6 pounds


Hi… my name is Claudette,

Adopted 1-26-18

The people who found me under their car were positive they’d find my owners (being the sweet beauty that I am!), but since posters and inquiries failed to turn them up, their loss is going to be your gain! I’m a little slip of a thing at only six pounds, so you’ll hardly feel me at all when I hop up into your lap. Everyone thinks I look a lot like a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat, but given my diminutive size, that’s unlikely (you never know, though, I could be the “mini-me” version of one of them!). So the “bottom line” is that I’m available, and if you get yourself on over here to meet me, well, life will be just peaches and cream for us both!

Arrived May 2, 2016; Adopted July 10, 2016; Arrived September 6, 2016