Approximate Age:
7 years, 1 months


Hi… my name is Cottontail (aka James),

Adopted October 8, 2016

Cottontail was my “given” name when I arrived about a year ago, so I’ve assumed my old name just to keep the record straight. My mom called me James, but, hey, you can call me whatever you’d like if you just give me a new home! I guess when she adopted my friend, Canary and me a year ago she wasn’t planning on going to college, but when that happened recently, she had to leave us behind. She said that we’re both great cats and have enjoyed playing together while she’s been working (I tend to be more playful and “into things” than my “partner”), so if a 16-month-old youngster (or two?) would fit in your life, I know just the guy for you!

Arrived July 26, 2016