Approximate Age:
8 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Esperanza,

You wouldn’t BELIEVE what I’ve been through since I arrived! I’d been a stray for a while when I was rescued, and living outside certainly wasn’t kind to me! My lovely long black fur had mats the size of golf balls, I had sores on my body and tail (which had to be amputated!), and lots of other “dings” here and there. Happily, the good folks here have taken care of all that, and although at the moment, I look a bit like a Schnauzer with my docked tail and shaved coat, that’ll all change as I recover! I’m a sweet approximately 8-year-old Persian mix gentleman (despite the feminine-sounding name – although it means “hope” in Spanish, so that’s apt!), who’s waiting for the love of my life to appear!

Arrived 12-15-17