Approximate Age:
6 years, 10 months


Hi… my name is Hope,

Adopted September 15, 2016

When my dad lost his home, he had just a few weeks to move and could only find an apartment that allowed a single pet, so the dadgummed dog got to go (I personally think that’s “species profiling” myself!). So…all my five feline housemates and I came here where we’ve been “fixed” (that’s how he ended up with so many of us!), gotten much needed checkups to make sure we’re healthy (we are!), and now we’d all like to find places that will be ours forever. I’m a sleek and sweet 1-year-old girl who my dad says is very well behaved, gets along with eveyone, and is social and loving. Sound like great bona fides to me, so come make me yours – time’s a-wastin’ for us both!

Arrived June 25, 2016