Approximate Age:
11 years, 6 months

Jelly Bean

Hi… my name is Jelly Bean,

Since I have been here at TALGV for more than a year, our Cat Care Volunteers will pay for my adoption fee.

Eleven years! That’s how long I’ve been waiting for a home of my own! Because I didn’t appreciate living with other cats, I had that unacceptable “bad behavior” and no one was willing to take a chance that I’d be okay in a home. Well, a wonderful foster mom did take that chance, and I’ve been a perfectly behaved, loving companion to her. I’m chatty, playful (I still get the “zoomies”), and while she’s turning off the TV and lights at night, I go wait for her in bed so we can snuggle up together. She’s sad that she can’t keep me forever, so she’d love to introduce you to me and tell you lots more about what a great transformation a real home has made in me!

Bio updated July 2021

Arrived 4-25-11; bio revised 5-22-18.