Approximate Age:
10 years, 7 months

Jelly Bean

Hi… my name is Jelly Bean,

Since I have been here at TALGV for more than a year, our Cat Care Volunteers will pay for my adoption fee.

Once upon a time I was a fluffy kitten here at TALGV and had SUCH high hopes for a joyous life with people of my own. Well, now I’m a lot older and I STILL have hopes (just not quite as high ‘cause my confidence is beginning to wane!). I’ve watched so many of my buddies come and go, and I simply can’t understand why my brand of love doesn’t win you over, too. I’m a darling outgoing guy whose catnap dreams have always had the same theme—a nice cozy home with lots of toys and people who’ll give me all the love they can. Won’t YOU be the one to make my dreams come true?

Arrived 4-25-11; bio revised 5-22-18.