Approximate Age:
19 years, 3 months


Hi… my name is Mandy,

Adopted 2-7-17

Mandy comes with Free Vet Care for Life.

After my mom died, her daughter wanted so badly to keep me, but one of her other cats (who she called “my neurotic Bengal!”) simply made my life miserable. She said, “Mandy deserves a better home than I can provide. She is a good kitty, loves to be brushed, eats only dry food, and always uses her litterbox. She loves to sit in a window (and if the window is open, that’s even better!), take long naps under a light blanket, and at her age deserves a loving home and a warm lap to sit on.” I’m a beautiful 14-year-old calico lady (with free vet care life) and have a sweet, affectionate nature, so won’t you let me spend the rest of my life making yours happy?

Arrived 2-2-17