Approximate Age:
9 years, 8 months
10 pounds


Hi… my name is Marky,

Adopted 10-6-17

It’s usually stray dogs that follow people home not cats! But me being me (outgoing and in need of shelter) I followed a girl to her home in a Green Valley RV Park, and she quite obligingly gave me food and water. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep me, so I became a resident of TALGV. Maybe there’s someone out there looking for me (a tearful reunion would be awesome!), but if not, you could make both of us happy by adding me (and my practically non-stop purr!) to your world. At about 5 years old, I’m mature enough not to be one of those crazy, into-everything, kittens, but still up for a romp now and then. Truth be told, though, laps are my “fave” so how about sharing yours with me?

Arrived 9-14-17