Approximate Age:
10 years, 9 months


Hi… my name is Mike.

My sister, Julia, and I were returned to TALGV because our dad’s new fiancé and son-in-law were allergic to cats. (I sure do wish someone would develop an “anti-cat-allergy” pill, ‘cause that seems to be an all-too-frequent occurrence.) I lived with him all my life and he said, “This is a great cat. He is very loving, likes his belly scratched, and comes when called.” Hey, what more could you want in a feline? I’m a young orange and white tabby who, like lots of us marmalade guys, is very outgoing and affectionate (seems to be a breed thing!), so I know that I’ll make a wonderfully warm and furry (and endlessly entertaining) addition to your life. I’ll bet if you could see your way clear to take Julia, too, we’d double your pleasure without even twitching a whisker! My motto has always been “the more the merrier” and I’m hoping it’s yours, too!