Approximate Age:
7 years, 8 months
Special Needs:
Must be adopted with Oliver

Olive Rose

Hi… my name is Olive Rose,

Adopted with Oliver 10-23-16

If you read the Green Valley News and Sun, you’ll recognize my mom’s name, Jeannie Applegate, because she had a byline for quite a few years. Sadly, she died recently, but I’m sure that she’d be content knowing that TALGV will find my dad, Oliver, and me new equally loving homes together. I have high hopes that that won’t be hard, as we’re both just as outgoing, playful, and loving as can be, so our addition to your life will become a banner day for us all! I’m a 2-year-old girl who loves, loves, loves having my chin and ears scratched, chasing feather toys (well, any toys!), and to just “hang” with you, so that’s bound to be a recipe for happiness!

Arrived 9-5-16