Approximate Age:
20 years, 6 months

Pretty Boy

Hi… my name is Pretty Boy,

Adopted 12-31-17

Comes with Free Vet Care for Life

Things I love: To be talked to and told I’m a “nice kitty.” Eating. Gentle brushing. Chin, cheek, and tummy rubs. Comfort. Treats. Soft music playing when I’m alone. People (if not too loud!). Sitting next to you (but brief actual “on-your-lap” time – max about 3 minutes!). Things I hate: Vacuum cleaners. Loud noises. Dogs. Dominant male cats. There’s more, but those are the highlights! My mom became the caregiver and just didn’t have time to care for me any longer too since I’m getting up in years and need a little extra attention (but I have free vet care to help with that). I’m a 16-year-old gentleman who’s yearning for one last home with a gentle soul that would round out my nine lives quite nicely!

Arrived 11-18-17