Approximate Age:
20 years, 6 months



Hi… my name is Pumpkin.

Adopted December 29, 2014.

It seems like everyone is moving these days and not taking their pets with them, but my family moved out of the country, so I understand that it was hard to take me along, too. I lived with them for three years (they inherited me from a friend who was, you guessed it, moving!), so I’ve lived with a young couple, a 6-year-old whirlwind human, another cat (with whom I was madly in love!), and a puppy, and I must say that I much preferred the first four over the puppy! I’m a very easy going, orange tabby guy who loves to be brushed (I need it periodically as I tend to shed a bit), and because I really miss my feline lady friend, I would probably love to have another one to chat with about “cat things” and life in general. I’m eminently adaptable, so I’m hoping you’ll be the same, and take me into your life!