Approximate Age:
12 years, 10 months

Smokey 2


Hi… my name is Smokey 2.

Adopted 3-23-18

I’ve been here almost six years and am soooo ready for a new (child-free) home! Some of the volunteers are enormously fond of me because I’m the first to jump onto their laps (and others not so much because I’ve nipped them – which is probably why I’m still here!). But I haven’t done that for ages, as they’ve learned that I only want so much petting and then I’m done (I purr plenty though just sitting in your lap). I prefer not to be picked up, but I’m really too heavy for that nonsense anyway! (Like humans, accessible food 24/7 and too little exercise are to blame for my girth!) So if you’d like to share your life with a handsome gentleman who doesn’t require much petting, come down and see if I like you.
Arrived July 1, 2012