Approximate Age:
7 years, 7 months
8 pounds


Hi… my name is René,

Adopted 10-29-17

I guess it’s nice to be on Facebook, but not because you’re a girl without a home! It was nice that caring neighbors posted my pictures in an attempt to find my owner, but they didn’t have any luck, so here I am, in all my orange, black, and white glory (you can’t miss ME in a crowd!) ready to trade the “fame” of the Internet for a normal life! I may have been a “streetwalker” for a while, as I have a tipped ear (indicating I’d been trapped and spayed), but there’s not a feral bone in my body, so I belonged to someone once. And I’d sure like to belong again! At just 3 years old, think of all the time we’ll have swapping life stories!

Arrived 10-10-17